Wheelhouse Journey

Week 1 Journey Lessons

by Jul 8, 2017Travel

We left Minnesota just a week ago, but it feels like a lifetime ago with all the places we’ve seen, experiences we’ve had, and the fullness of the new life we’re living.

Here are the top ten things I’ve learned about being an RV traveler in this first week:

10. 400 mile travel days are an accomplishment. 600 mile days are incredible. I can’t believe I ever thought we should plan regular 800 mile travel days!

9. Things I never knew existed before but are now on my must pack list: electrical converter, water adapter, slide out grease.

8. RV’s are a great way to make any amazing location the start of a run (#crosscountryinheels.)

7. We’ll probably always think of ourselves as Minnesotans and be excited to see someone from “home” at our campground.

6. You can do sit-ups on the trailer bed if you don’t mind getting a little dizzy. Better to do them on a yoga mat in the middle of the floor.

5. Always get gas before the tank gets close to empty (lesson learned from a previous vehicle but applies more than ever when traveling through gas station deserts.)

4. It’s good to be on the same schedule as your dog for needing to make pit stops.

3. Espadrille wedges can be practical travel shoes if you don’t mind getting your toes wet.

2. “Kid” snacks like cheese sticks and applesauce pouches also make great adult travel snacks.

1.  Some people are awesome drivers, some people are awesome passengers. It’s perfect when you have one of each in your travel posse!



Nancy is an avid runner, hiker, and proponent of healthy living who enjoys awesome food and wine. She loves exploring with her amazing husband and raising their puppy.


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