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Our Trailer Purchase

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Finding the perfect trailer to start our new adventure took a lot of time and research. We didn’t want something too big, as we were somewhat limited by our tow vehicle, and we didn’t want something too small, as it would be the three of us (including our dog) living in it full time.

We were first intrigued about the idea of a travel trailer after seeing a Taxa Outdoors “Tiger Moth” staged inside of an REI. It was light-weight, a space for two people to sleep, after converting the table inside to a bed, and had a pull out kitchen setup outside of the trailer. This was really cool, but it wouldn’t nearly be enough space for living full time.

We really liked the style of trailers that Taxa offered, so we went to an RV dealer to see the next size up, a “Cricket“. It had the same style of sleeping situation, but the front/top of the trailer extended so that you could stand up inside of it and prepare food at the counter. Like the Tiger Moth, we would have been faced with stowing a composting toilet and showering outside the trailer. Inside, there wasn’t much more room available. After seeing this in person it was clear that we needed to make a bigger jump in size if we wanted to have better amenities and live comfortably.

In Alexandria, MN, on a weekend stay in Osakis, we visited another dealer and saw a Jayco “Hummingbird”. It was 20 feet in length, with an unloaded vehicle weight of 2860 lbs – roughly twice the weight of the Cricket. Inside the Hummingbird was a queen size bed, slide-out dining area, wet bath (toilet is under the shower head) and a rear kitchen. With 25 gallon fresh, grey and black tanks, 30 amp hookup and solar ready we were nearly 100% sure this was going to be the trailer for us.

photo credit: www.jayco.com

Flash forward to February 2017 and sitting on the idea of purchasing the Jayco trailer for several months, we decided to check out an RV show at the Minneapolis Convention Center. We had our minds set but we wanted to check the show out anyways and see what else was available. The show had SO many more options, that halfway through, we were starting to reconsider the decision of buying the Hummingbird. Then we stepped inside a Coachmen RV “Apex Nano 191 RBS”. The overall length was around 2 feet longer than the Jayco, so it wasn’t all that much bigger. The unloaded vehicle weight was 3300 lbs with larger 30 gallon tanks and the same hookups. The interior felt so much bigger with a wider living area, a queen size bed with walk-around at the front of the trailer, and a large bathroom with a separate shower, sink, toilet and large storage area at the rear. No longer would we be looking at hovering over the toilet to take a shower! With all the amenities this trailer had, we were sold. A couple weeks later, we went to the local dealer who showed the Nano, to put down a deposit.

Our decision to go with a travel trailer as opposed to a motor home was partly because of budget; but mostly it was mobility. We wanted to be able to leave our trailer behind at the park and take our truck somewhere easily. Right now, this size seems just right to explore the country.


Eric is a freelance engineer, self-taught web developer, photographer & adventurer. He loves the outdoors and exploring the country with his wife and pup.


  1. ESF

    Love the blog!! I’m jealous and living vicariously through you both!!’

  2. Kristin Zolltheis

    Looks like you made a great decision. We recently upgraded our travel trailer, and it looks similar to yours. Ours is a Premier Bullet made by Keystone. It’s 26 feet with a slide like yours, which we love. Our former camper had a Murphy bed. It was a great idea, since we also had a sofa, but the bed lacked comfort. We really like the designated bedroom, and the round dinette is comfortable if we watch TV (super low on the priority level). Anxious to hear about all your travels, and of course, your wedding!!
    Kris & Mike

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