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Our Journey Home to Minnesota

by Mar 25, 2018Travel1 comment

We left Arizona ten days ago to start our journey home after ten weeks there, and before that, four months in California.  Our pace of travel slowed down on those legs of the journey.  In California, we visited family, said goodbye to one amazing dog and started to raise another, and explored all over to see if we’d want to settle there.

In Arizona, there were so many benefits of an extended stay.  Especially all the hiking and exploring, weather that was much warmer than the rest of the country, and RV park low monthly rates. We got to catch up on business stuff and career planning you can’t do when you’re on the road and the internet can be sketchy.

Changing Pace

Now, the pace will pick up dramatically. In the next five weeks, we’re going to visit eleven states on our journey home to Minnesota. Our route is long and interesting and will take us through the states each of us hasn’t seen. We’re heading from Texas east along the Gulf Coast to Savannah and the Atlantic ocean before  trekking back through the Smoky Mountains. Then back through the Midwest to Minnesota. After we leave New Mexico tomorrow we’re spending no more than a few nights in each city.

And I can’t wait! We were ready to go when we left Arizona.  Besides our readiness for spring, we’re ready for new adventures every day and exploring new parts of the country. We’re ready to do more moving around and less settling down. We also have a little of the “enjoy the RV life while you can” urgency to take advantage of every moment. Our next year of RV’ing is uncertain as we look for on-going work so that’s in the back of our minds on the last leg of this trip.

But while I’m so excited for the next five weeks, I’m also so excited to be heading home to Minnesota. It’s an interesting contrast but feels completely balanced now. I can’t wait to get there and introduce Parker to the rest of the family. To have wonderful family time and see how much our nephew has grown. For the blanket of so many close friends close by again. We’ve had an awesome year on the road together seeing and learning so much, and I can’t wait for us to share our stories.

Plus, you know it’s time to head home when you’ve worn a hole in your favorite pair of hiking shorts and your boot sole is flapping!

Two Pulls

This pull between the urge to explore and the draw of home probably never goes away for explorers. The itch to be on the road will come up when we’re home like homesickness sometimes hit on the road. I hope I can be present enough to appreciate where we’re at while keeping a little excitement for future journeys. I think the simple RV life helps a bit with this focus. You take away unimportant possessions, time and money wasters and spend your days more deliberately. Sure, there are still Netflix veg-outs, but you’re more thoughtful with your time because it’s more in your control.

So, here’s to fully appreciating the gift of exploring the country together the next five weeks and then to the appreciation for being home. Hope you’ll follow along on our journey home.



Nancy is an avid runner, hiker, and proponent of healthy living who enjoys awesome food and wine. She loves exploring with her amazing husband and raising their puppy.

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  1. Kris Zolltheis

    Sounds exciting! Enjoy the ride!!

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