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One Year Wedding Anniversary

by Jun 17, 2018Travel

One Year Wedding Anniversary

It’s so hard to put my thoughts down on “paper” on what an incredible year it has been. We are celebrating our one year wedding anniversary and nearly one year of full-time travel!

One year ago today I married the love of my life, Nancy, at a beautiful winery in Wisconsin. Not only was our perfect day several months in the making, but we were also only two weeks from leaving on our cross-country adventure together.
Not only was there so much joy in my heart that day, but so much anticipation of what we were about to do together. I had left my job one month prior to our wedding, and sold my house two months prior to that. Nancy had just finished her last day of work and we had just moved out of her condo in Minneapolis. In many ways we were nomads before we even hit the road!

A Year to Remember

One year later and I can say: I’ve married my soulmate; traveled from Minnesota to the west coast, to the east coast, and back; explored the remaining states (which were on my bucket list); met some fascinating and wonderful friends on the road; adopted an amazing dog in California; and experienced so much more that I will never regret doing.

To most people, it may have sounded like a risky move. To Nancy and I, it wasn’t. We knew we wanted to travel together and planned carefully every step of the way. I’ve been so fortunate to have such amazing support around me. And we’re so fortunate to be have experienced an amazing year together.



Eric is a freelance engineer, self-taught web developer, photographer & adventurer. He loves the outdoors and exploring the country with his wife and pup.


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