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First Food Journey

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There was a lot to think about getting ready for our first rv trip last week. Not being a naturally mechanical person, I really wanted to make sure I knew enough to be a good partner on our rv set-up and take down. I researched enough on YouTube (thank you #longlonghoneymoon) that I knew what chock blocks and levelers did and how to use them. And how to help hook up all the necessary hoses fairly seamlessly. Phew!

With a basic understanding of the mechanics, I felt I could focus on something that’s a much more memorable part of the experience to me- the food.

As followers of a largely Whole30 diet for over a year, we wanted menus that were (mostly) healthy staying away from added sugar but simple to make and enjoy outdoors, and special, in honor of our first trip. A combination of our Weber grill, a powerful microwave and two stove top burners provided all the cooking options we needed.

We are protein lovers so lunches and dinners featured grilled steak, hamburgers, or pork chops. Fried eggs were a great protein substitute when we ran out of meat for lunch. And, similar to our pre-RV time, microwaved sweet or golden “baked potatoes” continue to be an easy prep but very satisfying side supplemented with frozen vegetables or grilled mushrooms.  Like any good Whole30 cook, even our RV spice rack has over a dozen spices, but garlic powder and onion powder (for pork chops and grilled potatoes) were the only supplements to salt and pepper we used this time.

Breakfast was a special Guatemalan coffee with scrambled eggs and fruit- light but satisfying and special. Snacks consisted of fruit & greens bars or bananas or cashews- sometimes you just need a little treat or extra fuel before a run or at the end of the day!

A couple things we learned from this first trip. First, we brought far too little fruit and vegetables for our usual consumption. Don’t count on finding a store with fresh produce close to your campground. Frozen plain vegetables with a little ghee, salt and pepper are a surprisingly good substitute but next time we’ll stockpile some of our more durable favorites like bananas, oranges, brussel sprouts, and sweet potatoes and be more deliberate about buying fruit and veggies when we see them along the way.

Second, it’s worth indulging a little bit on touches that make your food experience special. Freshly ground coffee might seem a  little high maintenance but was awesome and easy! A small coffee grinder fits easily under the dining room storage area and let us enjoy special coffee beans a friend gave us. Oh, and a bottle of Marechal Foch from a MN winery was a fittingly special way to toast a memorable maiden voyage. Again, mostly healthy.

Here’s to learning and sharing more with you on our food journey!



Nancy is an avid runner, hiker, and proponent of healthy living who enjoys awesome food and wine. She loves exploring with her amazing husband and raising their puppy.

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  1. Kristin Zolltheis

    Looks delicious! We, too, love our steak and mushrooms for our camping dinners. Love the place mats to make it a bit fancier! And, definitely, fresh ground coffee is a must!!! Continue enjoying your special experience!

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