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Breck Road Marathon 10K – Breathtaking!

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Breck Road Marathon 10K
The Breck Road Marathon 10K was seriously the most breathtakingly beautiful race I have ever run. I try not to use “the most” since there are a ton of awesome races but there was just something about running down Boreas Pass surrounded by blossoming fall trees into the heart of Breckenridge. It took my breath away (fortunately not as literally as I imagined.) Plus it was one of the most runner-friendly and spectator-friendly races I’ve done. If you love to run or even walk, put this race on your list! I did the 10K but there’s a full and half marathon, too.

The Course

Breck Road Marathon 10K
I’m going to let a picture the talking here! (This is within the first mile of the race.) Like I said, The Breck Road Marathon 10K is breathtaking! And it’s mostly downhill except for the last mile. On the flip side, keep an eye out for a little traffic on the course and look for the course signs. (I got a little off course right before mile 5 when I got distracted so make sure you pay attention.) Also, make sure you bring your collapsible water cup with you as the aid stations don’t have cups in the spirit of sustainability.


Breck Road Marathon 10K
The Breck Road Marathon 10K was one of the most runner-friendly races I’ve done. The staff was extremely responsive including answering all my logistics questions at packet pick-up and on-line questions. And on race day, they waited until every runner got to the start to begin the race. On the chilly race morning, they let us check bags literally right before the race. Seriously awesome race team!
Oh, and the SWAG was amazing! You know how sometimes you wind up throwing out a lot of the goody bag which makes you feel wasteful but you’ll never use it? Not with this race! BRM is part of SustainableBreck’s mission of “Keeping Breckenridge green and clean…” and  included a cool recyclable bag with items to help do that including a great water bottle and collapsible water cup.  The shirt was a terrific, soft fitted long sleeve BRM top and the wooden medal is beautiful, too! 


Breck Road Marathon 10K
I want it to be easy for my husband and pup to drop me off AND cheer for me along the course and at the finish. The Breck Road Marathon 10K delivered in this area, too! There were multiple parking lots and street parking in downtown Breckenridge close to the last 1-2 miles of the course and the finish. And there were places to watch along the route. BRM details everything in their comprehensive online race guide.

Other Insider Tips

Breck Road Marathon 10K
The altitude is something to take really seriously. Breathtaking in a different way- you’re starting the race at 10,400 feet. I spent a week in Colorado before the race doing some high elevation hikes and a couple runs in Denver. Also, I actually took pre-race hydration seriously and averaged 8-10 glasses of water a day for the few days before the race. If you don’t have the time to get acclimated, take it slow, breath deeply along the way. I saw a couple runners bringing oxygen with them. I’ve never used oxygen and would just recommend testing out anything new before race day.
Here’s the inside scoop on my race. First, I’m super happy to share that I ran a negative split, right up until the point I got lost. That’s something I always target and almost never accomplish. I’ve learned from my running community I need to practice this in my training then have the confidence during the race to stick to it. Second, I’m also proud that I actually stuck with my primary purposes of running the race to enjoy it and get to know folks in the running community. So, I’m still feeling pretty good about how I did in the Breck Road Marathon 10K a couple weeks after the race.

What’s Next for RV Running?

Breck Road Marathon 10K
As we travel across the country in our RV, I’m so excited to explore new places on foot and get to know more folks in the running community. Ultimately, my goal is to run and race in all 50 states. And hopefully continue to do races as terrific as the Breck Road Marathon 10k.  It’ll take me a while to achieve this goal, but that’s ok because the journey is pretty great. Let me know if you have any tips for must-do runs, races, or ways to meet runners in the community!


Nancy is an avid runner, hiker, and proponent of healthy living who enjoys awesome food and wine. She loves exploring with her amazing husband and raising their puppy.


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